Grandmothers favourite.

This is the sum total of my knitting this week. Between resting my elbow, and then succumbing to the common cold this is all I’ve achieved.
Trust me, it’s difficult to knit when you’ve got one hand permanently holding a tissue to your nose.

So here’s one grandmothers favourite dishcloth in a horrible colour way (Moda Vera print).
It looks so pretty in the ball but the colour changes are too close together for my liking.

Anyway, this will be going in someone’s Christmas present and they’ll never have to know that I don’t like it.

Beside i dont know what else can I do with horrible yarn.
And what else I can just churn out when my nose stops dripping for more than 4 minutes.

I’m hopelessly pathetic when I’m sick. Someone fetch me some hot lemon and honey drink.







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