sockies, fishies, and another -ies

The weekends are just flying by.

I’m now turning the heel of my socks which I started on Thursday (wow I know!), I did think I would try something new with the heel.
But I didn’t start researching the ‘after thought heel’ until I had finished the gusset increases.
Apparently the two aren’t compatible.

Oh well, maybe next socks.
I had a lot of time for sock knitting as we went for a drive to pick up some company for Max. For those of you who don’t remember, Max is our blue yabby.
We bought 4 Pygmy Perch to add a bit more interest to the tank. We also picked up some more plants.
We’ve quickly got into the routine where we wake up Max every morning (the light on the tank changes from night time blue to day time white), and we greet him every afternoon when we get home from work.
Max is a pretty good listener.
We’re both pretty bad at coming up with names, so we’re going to think about it for a week before naming the 4 newcomers.

I also finished up the design for my etsy shop! All it needs now is some product.
I have three cowls completed. Although one of them isn’t as long as the others and can only wrap around my neck once.
I now don’t know whether or not to put it up any way (after all, just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean that’s not someone elses preference).

But they still need photographs. Is needing a good space to take outfit and product photos a good enough reason to buy a new house?
(I think our angry neighbours and need for more space are probably better reasons.)

So overall a pretty good weekend.

What did everyone else get up to?


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2 thoughts on “sockies, fishies, and another -ies

  1. I spun, knitted, and watched my first-ever episodes of Arrested Development. Awesome show.

    What is it you’re watching, btw? Don’t recognize it.

    1. we’re watching Community. It took us a while to really get into it, but now we’re rewatching it.

      I’m so excited for new Arrested Development. Last weekend it was all I watched.

      like Community, they’re both shows with lots of layers. Arrested Development has jokes that I’m still picking up.

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