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the girl code

I got quite gobby and outspoken yesterday about a twitter account called MrsTweetPerth which professed to be about all things that ladies like. Such as glamour events, champagne, and finding a husband.
Naturally my argument went along the lines of ‘who are you to speak on behalf of all ladies’
And ended with

(Which I now want to embroider on a cushion being the classy lady I am.)

Beks- not conforming to gender stereotypes since 1985.

The one bible verse (yep this post has bible verses and later swearing just to cancel each other out) that I always like was “do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world….” and then some shit about god and stuff.

So I’m not going to write a list of rules which people should follow. I’m going to write a list of rules which I (try) to follow.

1) Don’t be an asshat. Seriously Bek learn when to shut up.

2) Not everyone thinks that marriage is a patriarchal institution where a wedding ring is exchanged for a woman’s virginity. Most people just think they’re pretty. Seriously Bek, learn when to shut up.

3) Guys who act surprised to find a pink haired knitter likes football, cricket, and beer are asshats. Don’t tell them this. Seriously Bek, learn when to shut up.

4) Same as guys who think having a vagina means you don’t have a valid opinion on football. You don’t always need to argue the point. Seriously Bek, learn when to shut up.

5) When you wake up and find a drunk Irishman asleep on your couch, don’t just shut up. Say that this is not ok and you don’t appreciate random guys (which you don’t know) in your apartment. Seriously Bek, learn to stand up for yourself.

6) Don’t give a fuck about what people think. Unless you’re hurting someone you care about then stop. And then apologise. And apologise again. And then knit profusely.



9 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday – the girl code

  1. HA! I quite enjoyed this. And i don’t find marriage to be a patriarchal institution- maybe because I’M THE BOSS. bwahahahaha. Anywho, we’re mostly equal. I think it’s baller that you speak you’re mind. I’m VERY nonconfrontational, so I often don’t say what I think…But I DO swear a lot when I shouldn’t, so there’s that.

    1. I’m all for shiny and sparkly jewellery, I just know I could never feel like someone’s property or like I’ve been bought. Which is the way I was brought up about weddings. That you need to be a virgin otherwise no one will buy you sparkly jewellery and you’ll be worthless and an old maid.
      For people that were taught that at Sunday school hell yes sparkly jewellery all the way.

      Other people have other opinions which is totally cool.

      I think I mostly get into trouble because I don’t explain myself well. And I just don’t really care anymore. For someone who hid in the garden at high school just so I didn’t have to talk to anyone I think I may have gone too far trying to compensate.

  2. I’m with you. I’ve never really appreciated that there are things that are for girls and things that are for boys. I happen to LIKE watching cricket (even though 60% of the time I don’t know what’s going on), and I like watching footy (even though 25% of the time I have no cool what’s going on)…But I also like to knit and bake and do yoga and I never wear make up and it takes my husband longer to get dressed in the morning then it takes me. What of it, I say!

  3. Yup, and cooking is another “girl” stereotype. My mom used to tell me I’d never make anyone a good wife unless I could cook. But she’s had to eat her words for the last 17 years we’ve been happily married, since I married a guy who loves to cook! Everyone gets to make/live by/answer for their own choices. I figure I’ve got enough work just keeping myself straightened out, never mind trying to tell others how to live. ❤

  4. Hi Bek, we met at Molly’s spinning class this evening; it was nice to meet you and your blog is really cool! I’m so curious to see your whole twitter discussion now (because your last comment sounds like the things I mutter mockingly at the TV) I may just have to resurrect my old account! ^_^

    1. Hi!!! Nice to meet you. I spend way too much time having twitter fun times. If you do, come say hi.
      I have followed your blog too.
      I need some of those notebooks in my life.

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