Stuck In My Head – Pissed Jeans

I’ve been a CD buyer for a while now. I’m a collector by nature and always a music lover so it’s a natural fit.

My latest CD haul all arrived at once which is a surprise as usually I place am order and they just trickle in. I love getting presents in the mail. Particularly if I’ve bought them myself and I know I’m going to like them.



So judge me as you see fit!

But apart from the two soundtracks (Buffy and Smash [very disappointed Smash was recently cancelled]), the album that’s getting the most air time is Pissed Jeans.

Sub Pop is one of the few record labels that I pay attention to. They’ve had some really good signings over the years and so whenever they sign a new band I hop on the band wagon pretty quick.




8 thoughts on “Stuck In My Head – Pissed Jeans

  1. With the digital age I nearly listen to as many CD’s as I used to; but still love the exciting feeling of unpacking a new CD. Also, if you do end up doing the crochet heart – hotel room thing I would love to feature your story in my guest post series ‘spread the love’

  2. My friends make fun of me for buying cds still! It is so gratifying to actually have an object rather than just the file on my computer.

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