Everything is almost right with the world

I have now completely my first ever provisional cast on.

I’m not sure it should have taken me 45 minutes and involved scissors, swearing, and cider.

So I have the toe of the sock completed and I’ve learnt something.
If you’re going to try a new technique don’t start with fingering weight.


So I’ve now starting on the foot part of the sock and immediately I feel calmer.
Like there was a something missing before.
This sock was chosen as my Team Bee mascot project. I am loving the pattern. It has one tricky row, and the rest is straight forward, I’ve finished one repeat and have got it down pat.

I am loving this yarn. It’s from yarn vs zombies and it is a dream to work with. It’s flying quickly through my fingers and I have to stop myself from pressing it against my face.

I’m no sure I’m loving the two together though.
I think the pattern is getting lost in the colours.
So I’m not sure what to do.
Do I start again with another yarn?
Do I give the provisional cast on another try?
Do I keep going and wait and see if I fall in love with the complete sock?

So everything is right with the world because I have socks on my needle, but I can’t shake this feeling that it’s not quite the right socks.




7 thoughts on “Everything is almost right with the world

  1. I’ve never tried socks and provisional cast on, I’m way too afraid, but I want to learn, some day… I often have that problem, using a pretty variegated yarn with a pattern that just don’t fit, usually because the eyes focus on the colors and not on the stitch patterns. I tend to frog variegated stuff often, because I’m not that pleased with the result in the end… but it’s always painful to do it.

  2. Variegated yarn is so tricky to work with. I often try stuff with it and think ‘It’s ok, but it would be better in a solid colour’. Really frustrating! xx

      1. Because you want to get the best out of your yarn. Variegated yarn often looks amazing in the skein but it takes careful planning and often a bit of trial and error to find the right pattern. You need something that will make the yarn ‘sing’ and not too detailed a pattern either as intricate details will get lost if the yarn is too busy.

      2. That is true. Sometimes I have even done a simple pattern and the colors are singing and then they all of a sudden change their tune and become concentrated patches of solid colors in the symphony of it. lol In a child’s item it can just be a fun changing interlude, but in an adult item not so sure it is, thus they can be a bit risky. I do feel safer using them in children’s items unless they are self striping yarns.

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