odds and ends

I’ve picked up my ten stitch blanket. I’m thinking that when I get to the next corner I might make a video to demonstrate how to turn the corner. I’ve shown it to some one in real life, and have had a few questions.
I’m now half regretting making it in sock weight yarn. Its now over a year old, and looks like its 3 more years away from being a decent size.

I also did some work on my gentle waves afghan. I showed you this in my video blog for Knit & Crochet blog week, but I’ve actually taken some photos now. It took me a few trys to start. I’m not that good at reading crochet instructions yet. But now that it’s established, its pretty mindless. Which was good because I’m still dieing loudly and building blanket forts.

I have managed to watch 6 seasons of 30 rock in 3 weeks from my blanket fort. I now need to find a new sitcom to fill that void. With Arrested Development being a netflix only production, and netflix being unavailable in australia, I was very happy to find a workaround .
Since then I’ve been discovering all that netflix has to offer. (And will quite happily take recommendations!)

I’ve been trying to not spend money on etsy. There are so many lovely things that I want. I think I have about 8 items in my cart that I’m pondering. Metal stamped cuff with yarn trinket? Yes Please!

There was no decent football to watch this weekend, as my team had a bye week. That always feels a bit weird.
So everything is a bit all over the place. But at some point it will all sort itself out again.
But finally I was cleaning out my spam comments and found this gem.

“Consider Pleasure In Your Cat By Following These Trusted Solutions.
Cats are astounding domestic canine and cats.
If you might be capable to’t be at your individual household all evening time, cats can are dwelling on their quite own. The following posting will assist you to ascertain all about cats.
As quickly because the holiday season rolls round, safeguard your Xmas tree from curious kitties. It might see that tree and climb it. That is generally an huge difficulty. Generally will not likely permit your dog canine to prowl all-round your tree. You will must also make distinct that you can locate no loose garlands, ornaments or tinsel that might be eaten along while using cat.
Genuinely will never have your cat acquire a med if they’re not struggling inside of the properly currently getting scenario
it skilled been formulated to take care of. Numerous of those people flea medicines you match on your distinctive cat also take care of for parasites, mites in addition as other illnesses that your cat wouldn’t have and are unable to contract. Even though these medications are productive on st cats, they may be undoubtedly not vital for indoor cats.
The site with the litter location is vital. Your at first”

And last but not least – Knitnrun4sanity, you are the lucky winner of my favourite tea! I’ve emailed you this morning. Please let me know if you didn’t receive the email. Congrats hun!!





7 thoughts on “odds and ends

  1. In terms of shows, if you are looking for some comedies I would recommend, Better Off Ted, The IT Crowd, Parks and Recreation and Raising Hope. For some funny but not necessarily strictly comedy I would recommend Pushing Daisies and Dead, Like Me (they are both humorous and a bit wacky, but have a serious tone too.) for a bit more drama I would suggest Veronica Mars.

    The spam email was a riot to read, thanks for sharing.

    1. Ooh I’ll definitely check them out. Thanks for the recommendations.
      I already like Better off Ted, Parks and Rec and IT Crowd so we clearly have shared taste.

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