Stuck in my head – Dusted

I don’t talk about work often, mostly to keep some aspect of my life private. But I do have a full time job, which most days I thoroughly enjoy but always keeps me challenged and engages my brain.

Well yesterday was a tough work day. So I thought ‘what would Leslie Knope do’ and wrote down all my ideas and all my problems on sticky notes.


There were a lot. And eventually I retreated into a conference room to get more space. So no one disturbed me, or distracted me in went the headphones. Open plan offices are good for overhearing work related stuff you don’t get told directly, not so good for overhearing personal conversations and people saying stupid or enraging remarks. Headphones are in a lot of the time.


As I moved around sticky notes, I scrolled through all my spotify playlists, most of which are albums which I’ve saved for future listening.
I come across bands from so many different sources (twitter, radio, street press, websites) I lose track of which comes from where.

So I have absolutely no idea about how Dusted came to be on my playlist, but I listened to their album through three times straight.

Music to shuffle post-it notes to.




2 thoughts on “Stuck in my head – Dusted

  1. I would lose my mind with the distractions of an open office plan. Too many ideas and things going on in my mind as it is without more to fill it with that are unnecessary. Have never used ear plugs, but I love the sticky notes lately to keep things a bit more organized.

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