5 day weekend

It all started with Bon Jovi on Thursday night.


Which I actually remembered to take my camera to. So I have to actually put some effort in before posting.

Bon Jovi was followed by 5 days of cricket watching and Australia winning the ashes.




It was absolutely stinking hot (4 days of 38+ degree heat) so naturally I caught a cold. I didn’t even get much knitting done because I couldn’t stand touching anything.

Now you must excuse me while I take a kip under my desk. I’m a wee bit tired.




7 thoughts on “5 day weekend

      1. Oh yeah it was tough, but you could do it! We’re all like bundled-up in sheep’s clothing 😉 Good to hear you’re on the mend ❤ Colds are not fun! Our cold is forecast to get back to single-minus-ºC after the weekend 🙂

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