things to do this afternoon

– buy and drink 2 litres of cool drink so I can make these oh-so-cute cat rabbit and bear recycled planters. (Also buy some chalkboard paint. It’s amazing that I don’t already have any. Probably because once I start I won’t stop and EVERYTHING WILL BE CHALKBOARD!!!)

The cutest ever planter boxes (from

– Grab some of the beer cans out of the recycling bin and experiment with making bracelets. Hopefully my shoulder won’t complain too much and I can give my metal stamps a try.

– Make some pasta in the breadmaker for a lasagne

– Hook up my camera to my ipad and download my latest gig photos.

– Put the air conditioning on full blast and persuade the boyfriend to take photos of me in the knitted jumper I just finished but only tried it on for the briefest second because I don’t want to sweat all over it.
This is a terrible photo of it.

– Try not to just collapse on the couch and watch Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve never watched it before and have been mainlining it for the last 2 weeks and I’m now up to Season 3.

What are your plans for this afternoon?



7 thoughts on “things to do this afternoon

  1. I didn’t know one could make pasta in a breadmaker! That is so cool! Also, I am fascinated by the idea of making bracelets out of cans. I think that would be really fun and different!

    Your jumper looks lovely, but it really is much too hot to be wearing that much clothes without some intense air conditioning! I bet it looks great on you though ^___^

    And thank you for linking to my planters! They are a good excuse to drink soft drink! ~___^

    1. The bread maker just makes the pasta dough.

      They can also make jam which I will definitely try.

      We have so many cans that I figure that if I stuff up, then no harm done.

  2. Those sound like pretty great plans for an afternoon ^_^ Congrats on finishing a jumper, I’ve never been able to work up the courage to try knitting one!

    This afternoon, I’m hoping to do something creative, whether it’s baking something new or trying a different crochet pattern. And I hope there will be some puppy snuggles too!

  3. AC full blast!!!!!! I sort off dislike you a little right now. Guess what it’s doing here right now? More F-ing snow. That’s it. I’m getting on a plane and coming to you. Chill some beer.

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