Embroidery hoop art

There are some things you just can’t do when you’re a cat owner. 

One of these things is having a tea cup on your bed side table as a jewelry holder. 

Cats will jump on it causing the clinking of China to wake you up at 4am on a Saturday. It may be pretty but sleep does come first. 

So I needed to hang my jewelry out of cats reach.

I am pretty obsessed with embroidery hoops so I picked out a couple in my crafty stash which I had painted and put away for future use.  

I took some fabric also from stash, secured it in the hoop, cut around the back, and poked some earrings into it!   


Then I screwed a couple of hooks into the wall and hung them. 

 Then I screwed a couple more hooks behind the embroider hoop to hang some of my necklaces on. (If you’re renting or don’t have walls that you can put holes into, 3M command hooks work as well.) 



 This has got to be one of easiest DIY I’ve ever done. 


I now know that I’m missing some earrings which I’ll have to track down. And I found some that I need to return to their original owner! 

It also has the added bonus of being almost entirely from stash, keeps my necklaces untangled, and looks pretty cute to boot. That makes it a winner in my book. And the cats aren’t really all the interested!





6 thoughts on “Embroidery hoop art

  1. Very pretty! I like to have my necklaces hanging up since it stops them from becoming totally tangled, and hanging up your earrings is very clever too! Your kittens look totally adorable btw! ^___^

  2. I love this idea, i’m a big lover of all things embroidery hoops and being able to incorporate them into everyday life is a big winner in my book. Oddly though, my cats never seem interested in my jewelry, hair ties on the other hand …

  3. great idea! And I love the cats, they are adorable. My sister used to have a cat that would clear off her nightstand every morning to wake her up. My sister joked that she would sleep through it until she realized all that was left were her glasses. that usually got her up!

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