Some of the places we shopped – Melbourne (3)

Well if Saturday was about football, Sunday and Monday were about shopping.

We headed out to Brunswick to meet up with some friends. On our way we had some crepes, before leaving the boys at the pub and going for a wander.

I was a bit uninspired by the shops, but we did stumble across a gorgeous nick-nack shop.
But after walking around for a while we ended up at the pub too.

We headed on to the St Kilda markets where we wandered around but apparently we got there too late as we had missed the yarn stall. Had a couple of jugs at The Espy until the sun went down and we went in search of some food.

We ended up at trunk as it was close to our hotel and we had been there for a drink on Friday. It was such a pretty location, and I was happy with my seafood risotto. I was the lucky one. The Mr’s pasta came out in a paper bag, and was bland and cold. His sister’s boyfriends pizza came out and was impossible to eat without a knife and fork and although the base was hot, the topping was all cold.
When we asked about it we were told, that was just the way it was. Needless to say we weren’t impressed and complained to the manager.
So that meal ended on a sour note.

We ended up at our hotel bar for a couple of quiet drinks where my Mr got his converse shined by the complimentary shoe shining machine.

It was a pretty disappointing ending to the day, which could have been avoided by some decent customer service. Maybe we’re uncultured Perth people but we expect a pizza to be hot unless stated otherwise.

But Monday was Shinsday!!!







Oh and we saw a police car that was stuck on the tramline. It two 8 burly gentleman to lift it off.
We were in a taxi taking photos.


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The first post where I brag about my holiday

Well I though I was going to be a good blogger and update with photos and anecdotes while I was in Melbourne.

Instead I spent all my time stepping away from social media. Except to check-in using yelp wherever I went.
Last time I was in Melbourne I got home and didn’t know where I went, and wasn’t going to let that happen this time.

Particularly as we went to a few places, but one in particular (Trunk I’m looking at you) where the service was so horrible and we all left absolutely disappointed and sharing some Buscopan tablets.

But all in all it was a good weekend, way too short, and we’re now planning the next one (if you’re listening AFL- we want to see Adelaide at the MCG).

My knitting went on the plane with me and met no hassles. Not that I had any knitting time actually in Melbourne, but between the two flights I managed to get some uninterrupted knitting done.

I will spend more time on Melbourne and post some photos when I transfer them, but I didn’t take half as many photos as I wanted.

But thanks Melbourne and see you again soon.

This was the view from our hotel room.




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Stuck in my head – The Silents

I always have this song in my head.
That riff is so catchy and it has (in my own obviously bias opinion) one of the best guitar solos written.
I think this song is pretty close to perfection. Which is a big call. But it’s my opinion and I’m owning it.

I have no voice to speak of

Well the weekend got off to a bang when I made another hairpin skirt.
Then a yarn sale! Spotlight had all their yarn reduced so I picked up some more sock yarn (you can never have enough sock yarn!) and some Moda Vera Shiver in green.
Then it was back home to watch the football (port had a pretty dismal loss – with a very sickening injury in the last 30 seconds), and then go out to watch the football. The hawks – eagles game was very strange. And hawks lost which really sucked.
But at least it stopped raining after the girl next to me bought a $5 poncho. She was not impressed.

Then Sunday was spent In The Pines.
RTRfm is Perths community radio station, and they do a lot to promote local music. And in particular bands that wouldn’t otherwise have a voice.
And it was a tops way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Lieing on a picnic blanket with a couple (ok three) bottles of wine, some good music and great company.
In particular I think it might have been a first for a couple of the heavy metal bands to have someone knitting in their audience.

Dancing like a mad person to San Cisco, swooning at the sexy violin playing of The Kill Devil Hills, and rocking out to Sugar Army were the highlights of a wonderful day. Very impressed with the way it was organised and looking forward to going along next year. 20120423-130148.jpg