Tim Rogers and The Bamboos

The last few weeks my city has become alive. Perth Festival and Fringe World transform my city from dullsville (which is a popular name), into a hive of activity with three new bars in the city, outside entertainment, and mermaids!

Every year I say that I should get out and explore Perth Festival more, and this year I actually did.

Of course I forgot my camera for the first 4 shows I went to.
In all fairness, one of them was Laneway and I wasn’t really keen on taking my camera, and I haven’t got the photos off my Blokes camera yet.

So I only have crappy iPhone photos of Laneway Festival, Stars, Father John Misty, and Sleepy Suns.
But I do have some awesome pics from Tim Rogers to show you.

Tim Rogers is an Australian rock and roll icon. His band You Am I shaped the lives of countless Aussie teenagers with break-up songs, party songs, drinking songs, and everything in between. Being one of these Aussie teens it’s surprising that it was my first time seeing Tim Rogers. So I was pretty chuffed when he put on a good show.
He’s the quintessential showman although, some nights it’s ‘I’ve just drunk a bottle of red wine- lets do this!’, others it’s ‘I’ve just drunk a bottle of red wine- do I really have to go on stage??’.
We got him on a good night, and boy did he put on a show.

As my best friend said “cool is an overused word, but in every sense of the word Tim Rogers is cool”.
Maybe that quote is better when you actually hear it.
Tim Rogers does exude coolness, except when he took off his shirt. That was hot!




listen to the album





Hottest 100

Well it’s that time of the year again.

Time to decide what what my top 10 songs of the year were (that were played by Aus radio station Triple J, and were popular enough to be included on their shortlist of songs to vote for.)

Some songs which I loved last year didn’t make the triple j list, (Trail of Dead) but I’ve learnt that if its not on the list, then it’s not going to be in the top 100, and my vote isn’t worth much.

It’s for this reason that I don’t believe the hottest 100 is anything more than the top songs which have been recommended for us by Richard Kingsmill.
Still triple j’s hottest 100, is better than any of the commercial radio stations and an Australia Day tradition.

So within those constraints here is my top 10 and close contenders.


I’ll be hoping to hear these songs whilst enjoying a couple of cold beverages with my nearest and dearest (and a paddling pool for good measure) this Australia Day.

It’s live streamed if anyone cares to listen (jan 26), or you can check out my top 51 shortlist to fill your ears with rad tunes.

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What were your top songs of 2012??

Stuck in my head – sugar army

These guys are my favourite Perth band.
I’ve been listening to their new album and it’s pretty good. Their first album is really quite awesome too.

They always put on a cracking live show, and I’ve had many a Sugar Army induced neck injury or lost voice.

This is one band who should be bigger than they currently are.

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A day at the cricket

It should be no secret that I love cricket.
Test cricket will always be my favourite, but with the twenty20 world cup on at the moment, and season tickets to the Perth Scorchers acquired, I do enjoy the shorter forms of the game.

And the Ryobi Cup kicked off WA’s first game for the season, and even though we didn’t win (and we’re not looking likely to win our Sheffield Shield game that’s in progress), it still makes me feel like summer and international tests are just around the corner. Which is always exciting.

These are photos taken with my new camera. It’s not quite a dslr but it’s a step up from my phone and the free GE point and shoot I won some time ago.

I’ve been using it for a little while now, but I still have a lot to learn. But I think these photos turned out pretty ok.
(and my camera is pink!!!)








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Stuck in my head – Skipping Girl Vinegar

Nothing says ‘summer is coming’ quite like Skipping Girl Vinegar.

Their first album was chock full of rocking, sing along, folk songs which always make me smile.

As well as having the cutest band name story, giving out baked goods at their live shows, and being really awesome people to hang with after shows, they’ve done what I think is the way forward for independent bands.
Which is a way for people like me to ensure that their money actually goes to the band.
With more and more people downloading, streaming, and even buying CDs, I’m always looking to make sure that I support local Aussie bands. I always try to go to shows, buy merch, and I always subscribe to my very awesome local independent radio station. (They have a live stream so check it out. )
Skipping Girl Vinegar take it one step further by asking for pledges to fund upcoming trips, recording sessions, and basically ensure that they can keep making quality music.

I think this is the way of the future and Skipping Girl Vinegar are leading the way.

Plus their film clips are always gorgeous and they sent a monkey into space.

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Polka-dot vintage markets (how could I resist)

With a name like that, how could I resist?

With an equal share of crafts, antiques, and vintage clothing it was something I was keen to check out.

And I found a few gems.
My favorite being Kate’s tea pot hats.

They were so beautiful. And she has a new etsy shop which has just opened! It’s full of delightful tea pot hats.




Aren’t they pretty!

There were so many pretty tea pot related beauties.
I also spied these wind chimes.



There were tea cup bird baths as well!

And so many pretty tea cups!



And not so pretty ones.


But I only came home with one.

There’s another one in Perth in November. Perfect for all my Christmas shopping!



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Stuck in my head – Regular John

Their first album is one of my favorite front to back albums.

So I’m anxiously awaiting their second which is due later this year.

There are some killer albums still to come this year. So much music so little time.

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