Stuck in my head – Supergrass & Arcade Fire

Does anyone else ever get two different songs, swimming around in their heads and eventually blending??
I’m explaining this badly. I’ll try again.

Does anyone else’s brain switch between two different songs, playing the chorus of one then the chorus of another before switching back to the verse of the first? Almost like two songs become one psuedo mash up?

Well these two songs do this to me all the time.
I punched the air on Monday morning when I heard Supergrass – Mary on my local radio station.
I have had that hook in my head for so so long without knowing what song it was.
I have even posted the “lyrics” on twitter in an attempt for someone to tell me what it is.
(Ooh oh oh oh ooh oh oh oh aye yae yaeee)
I heard it in a local pub but the song ended before I could Shazam it.
(If you don’t know Shazam, it’s an app which listens to a song and then tells you what it is. It gets used a lot.)
So I finally know.

And for some inexplicable reason I keep singing the hook from Mary with the chorus from The Suburbs.

It’s ok. You can call me crazy. I don’t really mind.

(Unfortunately arcade fire aren’t on spotify any more)