guitar highway rose

“Some ideas are not born of logic and good sense. They are made of clouds and cobwebs. They sprout from nowhere and feed on excitement, sprinkled with adventure juice and the sweet flavor of the forbidden. The psyche moves from the realms of the ordinary and takes a delicate step towards the territory of the unknown. We know that we shouldn’t and that is exactly why we do.”

 so if i could pick one thing that influenced my writing style the most it would be guitar highway rose by brigid lowry…
actually i think it has probably influenced the narration of my life as well…

 i was asked to read it as a way to keep me busy during class when i had finished all my work and didn’t have anything to do… the fact that it was set in perth – was about a young girl who desperately wanted to get her nose pierced (which i did) who loved lists, doc martins, and lace just had me hooked.

and the narrative style was something that i copied time and time again in the stories that i wrote and the way i internally narrated my own life and experiences…

 i eventually did get my nose pierced – my doc martins were the first thing i bought with my first ever paycheck (well first two paychecks – they were an expensive item), i still never capitilise my i’s (word auto corrects me – my hand writing is never capitalised)… i still run away at every particular moment… it also got me into the doors in a big big way…

this book really shaped who i turned out to be in many ways…


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