hot and bothered

so i got home this afternoon, hot, cranky, like my car had been trying to strangle me.
i found the most flowwy dress i own ( a $10 temt number) – realise that it had shrunk in the wash and now hardly covered my butt, so i had to put a pair of shorts on underneath (my current dotti go-to denim shorts).
and it didn’t look too bad so i took some pictures…
unfortunately my hair got in the way of most of them – but i still love the way my bedroom wall looks in photos.

it’s nice and summery.
and it’s waay too hot and i’m still too cranky to write any more…

plus i’ve been really crook for the last week – so crook beer doesn’t taste good (shock!) so all my energy is going towards coughing at the moment.

and now i’m going to sleep…



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