Jack’s Mannequin – Everything in Transit

Jack’s Mannequin is Andrew McMahon, lead singer from Something Corporate in his ‘other’ project.
It’s a simpler, less punk sound than SoCo but still manages to enchant and intrigue.
The acoustical nature of Jack’s Mannequin allows Andrew McMahon’s natural song writing ability to really shine through and the piano licks tie it all together nicely.

The end result is very pleasurable album which is easy on the ears, and feels right at home in a college dorm away full of people trying to find themselves.


2 thoughts on “Jack’s Mannequin – Everything in Transit

  1. I saw Jack’s Mannequin in a concert in Ft. Lauderdale in 2006. I still can consider it being one of the most anticipated days of my life. Songs like “Holiday From Real”, “Bruised”, and “La La Lie” wound up being my anthems for having fun. Oh, Jack’s Mannequin is a picture of perfection !

    1. cool!

      i know Andrew McMahon is touring Australia at the moment – he’d be pretty good to watch live. i know a lot of people who are massive fans. But unfortunately he’s not coming to my city.
      Thanks for sharing your story though!

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