Pork sauce fail

I wasn’t sure I wanted to post this one. It was a bit of a fail.
Well the pork was cooked perfectly (thanks babe) and the cauliflower mash just hit the spot (thanks me) but the sauce was something else. Something else.

We were still at the hotel so we were making do. I didn’t have flour or cream or any of the usual components of a good sauce.

So the sauce was comprised of onion sautéed in butter, then white wine was added.
Instead of cream, we added milk (which immediately split and looked terrible). Then in an attempt to save it, grated cheese was added.

The end result was a really thin sauce, with clumps of melted cheese.
Not good.
But my boy still insisted that it tasted good even if it wasn’t the desired result.
But here it is…
Pork sauce fail.



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