Hazy shade of grey (and burnt orange)

My bathroom has finally been painted!! Huzzah!

My lovely boyfriend did the brunt of the work, whinged about it, and then when I came in to the bathroom to give him a hand, he promptly told me to get out because I was getting in his way.

The house is now finally all one colour. Well shades of the one colour. Except the pink.
Ok the house is finally painted all colours of my choosing.

The towel rack is new. J measured it to be exactly the length of two bath sheets. And he put in a new hand towel holder.

The towels are brand new as well (the sewerage leak damaged the brand new towels mum had bought me for my birthday – thank you insurance!)

So it’s all looking new and lovely.

The next thing will be the kitchen.

It’s nice having a place to call your own.





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