hot food for a cold day

I love a spag bol. Or any variation on a tomato-ey pasta sauce.
From discussions with work ladies I’m not sure that what I make is a bolognaise (they couldn’t agree between themselves), but it’s delicious.

With a bit of a tweak from my partner in crime J, who saw that I had bought chorizo (he has a not-so-secret obsession with chorizo) and decided what my tomato sauce lacked was said chorizo.

So in the chorizo went, with some chopped onion.
The beef mince was browned.
Once that was cooked some grated carrot and celery was added to the pot to sweat.
Then mushrooms, tinned tomatoes , bbq sauce, salt, pepper and dried Italian herbs for some flavour.

The tinned tomatoes are usually rinsed out and that water is put in to thicken the sauce a bit too (does everyone do this? Or is it just something that’s been handed down in my family?)

That then simmered away whilst I cooked the pasta (and made ringtones in iTunes)

Then a roll of the dice decided which season of How I Met Your Mother to watch (season 1), and bobs your aunty.

The pasta was dishes up with some fresh spinach and parmesan cheese

Hot food for a cold day.





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