I love the feeling of new sheets

I love bed.
I love sleeping in. I love curling up in the blankets watching comfort tv. I love the feeling of new sheets.
The crispness. The comfort.

So ever since we got our new bedroom furniture I’ve wanted to buy new sheets and a quilt cover to match.
Of course J didn’t want to come with me, so I had to choose it myself. The only guidance was nothing hot pink and nothing floral.
Which in the realm of bedspreads is quite limiting.
Of course the other pattern that’s in style is birds, and as I have a mild phobia, I’d rather not go to sleep thinking of birds.
So I found one that I quite liked, a lovely old forest scene. Naturally when I got home J said that it reminded him of the ‘Blair Witch Project’ – thanks babe.
Next time he can come with me.

I splurged on some 1000 thread count sheets, which I am itching so get in to.
Is it bed time yet?







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