Identity struggles

I’m struggling with my blogging identity.

Music food life. It’s what I write about, not who I am.

I love wordpress, but sometimes I don’t like how that’s the way I’m portrayed to the outside world.
I love commenting on blogs. I love the thought that, just maybe, my comment can brighten some one’s day.
I want to make things brighter. But I feel that commenting as musicfoodlife makes it sound like I’m out to promote myself.

Music food life. It’s an accurate depiction of what I do, but it doesn’t have much scope.
As (I discovered on the train today) I’m becoming the kind of person that can spot a ravelry pattern from 100 paces, I’d like to write more about my adventures in knitting. Or even my adventures in life.

I look at all these blogs around me, with their beautiful photography, their beautiful clothes, their beautiful food. I feel that my iPhone photos don’t quite cut it.
But I have to be true to myself.
I’m never going to live behind a camera, I have to experience things.

I’m struggling to find my purpose.
I guess I’ll keep blogging until I find it.


8 thoughts on “Identity struggles

  1. Curiously enough, I’ve been Psychotronic longer than the Wibbly Wobbly Web has been around. Long story short, it came out of a drunken night watching a marathon of cheesy movies on the telly, and one of the movies was this obscure little oddity called “The Psychotronic Man”. The handle pretty much stuck with me ever since. My main blog “Into The Vortex” is pretty much the vortex of my mind with occasional Whovian content.

    1. Handles should be born organically.
      I suppose that’s why I’m feeling lost. Every name I’m known as online, I’ve created.
      And I’m the first to find flaws in the things I create.

  2. It’s quite normal to feel that whenever you comment on someone else’s blog under your blog name, it seems like self promotion. I guess you have to look at it as a big blogging world, all taking part in the many conversations going on. I’m definitely not just about food, and I’ve sometimes thought that my blog name restricts me to only talking about food. Your blog is whatever you want it to be, just have to keep on working til you find peace. Nothings easy 🙂

  3. I’m struggling with my blogging identity too but I think that’s all part and parcel of the blogging journey 🙂 It’s evolutionary and you’ll eventually settle into a comfortable groove. As for self-promotion, I felt a little akward about it too in the beginning but every blog you visit that has a good sized audience is most likely guilty of shameless self-promotion too so don’t worry about it 🙂

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