The dinner that almost wasn’t

A bowl full of J’s favourite foods;Bacon, hard boiled egg, grated cheese, mushrooms, andonions.
It had to be confiscated as he had planned to eat it all before dinner.
It was only the promise of combining the goodness with other magical foods that allowed it to survive.

The bowl of goodness was part of a greater plan (for world domination?) for dinner.
Potato salad and sausages.
It was a combined potato salad and layer salad, as I was too lazy to do two salads.
So into a bigger bowl went some chopped lettuce, then some boiled potatos and peas, which had cooled.
Then the aforementioned bowl of goodness (Bacon, egg, grated cheese, mushrooms, andonions) and some (storebought – naughty!) caeser salad dressing over the top.

With some cumberland sausages on the side (J’s contribution) it was a good dinner.

And yes that’s a stable table in the background.






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