Footy at the ingie

The Inglewood Hotel is one of my
I pretty much know the menu, and I know it’s a good feed.

It’s not always the football result I want (my boys are having a terrible year), but it’s a good vibe and a good experience.

So my best gal and I went to watch the Hawthorn v Port Adelaide game.
A spot of lunch was in order between beers, and instead of individual meals (read I couldn’t decide) we ordered some sausage rolls, three cheese croquettes, and wedges.

I love the ingie’s sausage rolls. Lamb and fennel are a wonderful combination, I do t know why I don’t eat them together more often.

The three cheese croquettes were a little bland. The quince chutney suited it, but it sort of tasted like hash browns whereas I expected it to taste more like grilled haloumi or baked camembert.

Wedges are wedges. They’re a pub staple and the ingie doesn’t get them wrong.

I’d order the sausage rolls again, but not the croquettes, and not the wedges unless there was nothing else available.

And after losing the footy, those sausage rolls with lime aoli were the highlight.




20110813-090958.jpgInglewood Hotel on Urbanspoon


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