Tuesday night pizza/pasta specials

We go to Sienna’s in Mt Lawley because it’s close. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday pizza/pasta specials are an added bonus. And generally we get a good feed.

Last night, not so much. Mr Sparklesness’ spaghetti cabonara was nothing spectacular, and my pizza (chicken, capsicum, olive, and mushroom) was tasty but soggy. I had to fold it over itself to eat it without it collapsing.

The coopers on tap went down a treat though. And for a dinner for 2 for under $50 it wasn’t all that bad.

It probably didn’t help that I was in a cranky panda mood and it was rubbing off on Mr S (as he shall now be known as he refuses to be known by his initial, and Mr Musicfoodlife is silly and Mr Sparklesness takes too long to type on an iPhone).
It was one of those evenings where all the topics of conversation were disagreeable, and no middle ground could be found.

After Sienna’s we stopped at Clarences for a quick pint. It’s a new bar that just opened up, it’s a bit niche (read: wanky) but I think I better reserve judgement until I’m in a better frame of mind.

Cranky panda out.





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