Weekend recap

Some gardening, some knitting, some reading, some sewing, and most importantly some eating.







2 thoughts on “Weekend recap

  1. oh my, i’ve not found the comment button until now! i’ve wanted to comment forever but haven’t found where to, how embarrassing!

    is that new sewing and knitting projects? what are they? i want to pick up a new knitting project, but i just haven’t found the time or energy.

    i’m adding you on ravelry & instagram! my username is stinixa for both.. i think! 😀

    1. I’ve got blog posts planned for those later. I pinned together the lining of a dress last night, and I have about 4 knitting projects on the go at the moment. But the one on my needles in that photo is a washcloth.

      I’ve found you on instagram!

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