Lunch at Silks bistro

A little while ago, when we were running errands on a Saturday, we stopped in at Silks bistro for some lunch.

The place was relatively quiet, it was obviously their downtime. But even so they had the music so loud we could barely hear ourselves think.

I was impressed by the presentation of the parma. It certainly looked better than your average pub grub. The olive tapenade around the outside was a hit in my book. Overall it was delicious.

Mr Polka-dots&sparkles had a burger, which he said was ok. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.

The verdict? We’d go there again, if we were in the area. But we’re not going to be planning a special trip.

Belmont Tavern (Silks Bar and Bistro) on Urbanspoon





One thought on “Lunch at Silks bistro

  1. Oh the food looks so yummy!

    I included a link to your blog in my latest post! Thanks for your lovely comment, always appreciated!

    x Aliya

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