You Am I

I don’t know if You Am I were ever big outside of Australia, but for me they were one of those bands that you couldn’t avoid.
Even though I was never a massive fan they crept into movies I loved, hottest 100 CDs, and high school parties.

They played at the Astor on Sunday night and it was fantastic.







Superbowl Monday Morning

It’s a long overdue post but this year all three (the Mr, the BFF, and me) all managed to get the Superbowl Monday off work.
Last year we watched it How I Met Your Mother style. As in we all didn’t find out the score (a little easier in Australia but still not easy), and then watched it later that night (after watching said HIMYM episode).
This year we went to our friendly local (who has also hosted many a grand final, football game, post cricket celebrations, and general alcohol related frivolities) the inglewood, where bright and early (think 7am) we were at the pub with alcohol and tea in hand.

The atmosphere was great even if the score wasn’t (girls had pats, boys had giants). And cheering was done by all.

Bad pats!!






The Rock Show – with Jon English

Was absolutely amazing.
Such a polished performance, as you’d expect from Jon English.

I went in with pretty much no expectations about what The Rock Show would be.
It was a trip down memory lane, with some very talented musicians.

The Astor was such a perfect venue too; there even was a meet and greet afterwards. I asked a burning question about Pirates of the Penzance that was hotly debated growing up (I was right).

But the absolute highlight was two rows in front of us (so second row), this white haired granny was rocking out to every song. She knew every word to Bohemian rhapsody. She’s my idol.

It was an awesome night, I was crying with laughter at points. I only wish they had a longer run because I could have recommended it to so many people.








Pizza Amore

We have a new pizza place. Finally.

Our last pizza place (Corleones) won our hearts by not only having good pizza, but by ‘delivering’ my drunk Mister home after Melbourne Cup one year. He ordered two pizzas for delivery, and then asked if they were going his way. (Well in his inebriated state I’m sure it wasn’t quite that elegant, but as I didn’t have a car at the time, and there are never any taxis in Perth, especially on Melbourne Cup day coming home from Ascot, I was just grateful that he got home safe.)
But unfortunately they closed down a couple of years ago which left us without a pizza place.
We’re not short of pizza places in the area, but we are short of pizza places which make good tasty pizzas.

Until now.
Crust pizza have just opened in Mt Lawley! Last Monday they opened their doors, and Tuesday we dined. Albeit at home.

I had a BBQ chicken calzone (which was super yummy). The Mister had BBQ chicken pizza pockets (sensing a theme?), and we both shared a Philly Steak.
It tasted like it was freshly made with fresh ingrediants (I’m assuming because it was). But it’s not something that you can always take for granted. Particularly compared with some of the tripe which is served up in the area (Leo’s I’m looking at you.)
I was also impressed with the selections. The Mister had a shortlist of about 8 pizzas, which is something that never happens. He can be a picky customer.
And ordering online was a breeze. I’m inclined to like anything which means I don’t have to get cash out, or have cash on me.
I believe I’m gushing. But it’s definitely our new preferred pizza place.

See you again soon Crust pizza.






Dinner at the Scotto

We had to get out of the apartment. Last night there was a disturbance resulting in a lot of yelling and screaming, 3 cars of slashed tyres, and a broken window.
None of it affecting us except the yelling, but as tensions were running high in the complex we wanted to have dinner somewhere.

I’m without a car at the moment (my sister in law is borrowing mine due to writing hers off [not her fault] and be not needing a car to get to work whereas she does) so I have no other way to get to the local knitting stitch n bitch.

So I convinced (using that word very loosely) the Mister to have dinner at the Flying Scotsman and then drop me off at the Queens.

I had been craving fish all day so I had the Cider Battered Fish & Chips, and Mr had the ribs.

It’s always good portion sizes and really hit the spot.
I could then knit the night away and forget all my troubles.





Celebratory dinner @ the queens hotel

Last weekend when we were at Piccos, the Mr and I decided that we wanted to try more new places, instead of the same old. How this works in with us starting to save for a house… well it doesn’t but if we’re going to eat out we may as well eat new.

So we had a bit of news to celebrate. I verbally accepted a job offer (very exciting, particularly as my current job isn’t guaranteed at the moment). There are still a couple of ways it could fall through, but being their “preferred choice” is rather exciting. There have been a few sleepless nights this week.

So on the back of that good news we decided to head towards Beaufort Street and find somewhere to eat.

Well Beaufort Street has a lot of tapas. Which is great. I like a bit of tapas. It always makes me think of the IT Crowd. In fact I may have put the Mr off tapas by referring to it as “little food from Spain”.

Anyways, after looking at 3 bars that only had tapas, 2 places that were closed, and Siena’s which we tend to go to all the time even though it has a terrible urbanspoon rating, we ended up at the Queens. Which we hadn’t been to for ages, but we used to go to all the time, particularly when we were first dating.

We wanted something hearty and we got it. At the perfect table right next the fire, we got in just before the rush. Which meant we got some awesome service. The waitstaff were jokey, friendly, and attentive. I had the kangaroo which was cooked to perfection. The tomato chutney was perfect, just tangy enough to complement the kangaroo without drying it out too much. The potato and horseradish rosti also went down a treat.

Mr polka-dots & sparkles had the 400g t-bone with garlic prawns and chips. It was the medium side of medium rare but it was spot on. 4 prawns is a good amount, and although there was a point where it looked like it was going to be too much, it all got polished off.

For some reason (maybe something to do with stress and hormones) I really wanted desert.
Fortunately they had a sticky date pudding on the menu. Unfortunately it was over half an hour between ordering and receiving our deserts.
We did get an apology, and it had got noticeably more busy whilst we were waiting, but it was just long enough for my headache to return.

The pudding was good, not the best I’ve ever had but that will take a lot to live up to. The Mr’s sundae looked good, but not half an hour’s worth of assembly.
Overall it was pretty good. Until the desert we really couldn’t fault anything.
It was still a good night, we just came away with headaches and stomach aches. We almost never have desert.

But I’ll be back there next Monday for a Ravelry s’n’b, unless I chicken out again. Or am still feeling horrible.







Too expensive for plastic seats – Avenue 9

I don’t like being disappointed by a restaurant.

Last week when we were on our way home from shopping (a desk, a sewing machine, a tripod, and a wii fitness game) and it was dreary and neither of us felt like cooking.

So we pulled into Avenue 9. And I’m a bit sad to say that I was disappointed.

It was very expensive for what it was. My Thai Beef Salad was $26, and it was drenched in dressing to the point that there was a pool on the bottom of the bowl.
The beef was cooked beautifully but there was too much dressing for my taste.

The Mister had the Chicken Caeser with Anchovies. The anchovies were on the side which was nice, but it was rather unremarkable. How hard is it for a resteraunt to do a chicken caeser these days.

And it took me a few looks at the beer list to find one that I would drink, which is usually not a problem for me.

The staff were really friendly and attentive but couldn’t pronounce the special of the day.

On our way out I did offer this feedback to the staff, who were quick to suggest they could definitely put the dressing on the side next time (which perhaps I should have done in the first place) but I don’t think there’ll be a next time.

If I’m paying $26 for a salad, I don’t want to be sitting on plastic seats.

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