You don’t make friends with salad

This week instead of the fruit and vegetable ‘magic box’, I bought the salad box.
It came with another kilo of carrots (I’m bugs bunny), but some other yummy salad items.
So salad it was.

This is really my sort of meal. I love the refreshing-ness (not a word) of salad, particularly on a hot March day.

I cooked some chicken thighs to go with it, and a sauce that doubled as salad dressing.

I went out on a limb with the sauce. I borrowed this recipe from taste, but altered it.

the recipe
Melt butter in a pan.
Add garlic
Add chicken
Allow the chicken to brown. Add a tablespoon of Australian Mustard and try and coat the chicken with it.
Add 1/2 cup of white wine and 1/2 cup of chicken stock.
Once that has reduced a bit, add two tablespoons of philedelphia cream cheese and mix that through the sauce.

Serve with salad (i had lettuce, mushroom, capsicum, onion, cucumber, tomato, and cheese. )

You could use cream instead of cream cheese, but I used what I had in the fridge.

It didn’t get rave reviews from the Mister, but I didn’t expect it to. Next time I’ll make the same chicken and serve it with mashed potatoes. That might go down better.
But it hit the right spot for me.
You don’t win friends with salad.





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