A star-crossed slouchy beret

So this hat caused a little drama.
Not because of the pattern. The pattern is gorgeous, well written, easy to follow and easy to knit.

It was because I ran out of yarn, with only 3 decreases to go.
And I wouldn’t have run out of yarn if I hadn’t have cast on so tight I couldn’t get it on the other side of the circular needle and had to cut it off.

So it was back to spotlight to buy more yarn. And it has been discontinued. Arg!!
Fortunately for me I had a call the next day saying they had called around and there was a ball left at another store and they’d order it in for me.
Yay!! Thanks Spotlight Midland – much appreciated. Great service.

So I was able to finish my hat, remove my letter box key, and now I have almost a whole ball of Moda Vera Ella to make a matching scarf, or maybe gloves.
It’s such a pretty colour and a really easy yarn to work with. It’s a shame its discontinued really.

But where does the letter box key come in?
This was the knit I took on the train to mandurah for the football game.
And as soon as I hopped on the train I lost my stitch marker. There was no hope of finding it (it wasn’t special in any way) so I searched my bag for a suitable replacement. And that was my letter box key.
Which would have been fine if I hadn’t have run out of yarn!
So for the week, out went the knitting to the mailbox. After my trip to spotlight I replaced the key with a proper stitch marker.

But it is a super cute hat and I will appreciate it even more for all the drama.






3 thoughts on “A star-crossed slouchy beret

  1. I love that hat design, and have made one before. I really need to make myself another one in a new colour. That is so NOT FUN running out of yarn when you’re that close!

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