Bridgetown adventures

Some photos from our 5 day holiday.
We stayed at the caravan park which is beautifully situated on the Blackwood River.
These are photos of our home for the last 5 days.

Oh it was really good to get away. I really want to get away again soon. 20120430-093548.jpg20120430-093624.jpg20120430-093645.jpg20120430-093747.jpg20120430-093804.jpg20120430-093822.jpg20120430-101128.jpg



4 thoughts on “Bridgetown adventures

  1. I saw the Fosters carton and thought wow, I didn’t think anyone drank that here! Then luckily I scrolled down a bit further and saw the Carlton Draughts in the esky 🙂 great stuff, loved the pics!

    1. We are definitely the odd Aussies because we like fosters.

      When we bought it from the bottle shop the lady serving us didn’t even know they sold it.

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