The mountain goats @ the bakery

It was a school night. I had a headache (which would last another three days). I understood why the bakery is named the bakery (it was hot).
But in spite of all that I had an awesome night. And bonus points to the bakery for awesome toilets.

It was some awesome pre-show conversation with my sis-in-law (even though the Mr and I aren’t technically married i still think she’s my family).

I quite forgot that Catherine Traicos was playing. I have one of her albums which is pretty hit and miss, but we were really only there for the mountain goats.

And then The Mountain Goats came on.
He is definitely a mad man with a guitar.

If I hadn’t have felt like shit, and if it wasn’t so hot, I could have listened to them chat and play all night.

I would have loved to have seen them play in festival gardens. Comfy couches would have suited them to a T.

I also would have liked to know more of their songs. I though having 4 albums would make me a fan? But apparently not. But it didn’t matter. They sounded exactly as they should.

And that is all that really mattered.

The anecdotes were witty and funny, giving you that sense that they were truly glad to be there.

There’s always that added sense of joy when you hear a band that sounds exactly like they do on their recordings.
That magical voice is just as magical in person.

There were some moments of pure happiness.
And that’s what a band should aim for.
That pure moment when you’re in the audience and you just can’t help but smile. And you can think is how wonderful this music is, where it transports you to, and how you feel while you’re there.







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