Peanut butter cookies

My sweet tooth has been playing up recently.

It’s getting to the point where I’m snacking on chocolate at 2:30 (on the dot!) most afternoons.
And I’m buying chocolate from the many multitudes of fundraising chockies in the lunchroom.

So I thought I’d bake something.

There’s a cozy casserole heating up the kitchen, and now there’s some peanut butter biscuits.

I love this recipe. It’s 4 ingredients. Which are probably all in your cupboard right now.

Which makes this a great recipe to pull out when you have visitors on their way over, or when you want something quick to make while you have a casserole in the oven.

Go forth – bake!!

(and if you’re in the Perth area, Col Panna has a giveaway on at the moment – check it out!)20120626-211954.jpg20120626-211959.jpg20120626-212014.jpg



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