7 questions answered

This week has been very knitting-light. So instead of showing off what’s on my needles (because that would be super boring) I’m answering 7 questions Catie has always wanted to ask another knitter

Do you hold on to horrible yarn from your early knitting days because you’re convinced that it hates you as much as you hate it…and it’s good to keep your enemies close?

I have some horrible pink yarn which I bought from k-mart which is horrible. And I bought 8 balls of it!
I was very knitting naive, and the ball band said pattern on the inside, and my size requires 8 balls. I thought “I should be able to knit that if the pattern fits on the ball band”. of course there was just a link to the pattern on the ball band which I took one look at (my FOs at the point were 2 garter stich scarfs) and went ARGH!!!
But it was too late! I already had 8 balls of the stuff. When I went to knit with it I realised how splitty it was and how slow it was to knit with.

I’ve learnt a few lessons with this yarn. The first being don’t buy yarn from k-mart.
The second, try one ball before buying 8.
The third was if you’re going to make a scarf using two colours make sure they’re both a similar guage (sorry Mum. I now know that was an appalling scarf. Absolutely horrid)

But I still have three balls of the stuff. I honestly don’t think I’ve made anything that I’m happy about from this yarn. And I don’t think that’s about to change. But I feel bad for throwing it out.
Maybe a use will present itself? One can only hope.

What do you do when you give someone a lovely hand-made gift that they don’t like or don’t use? Is covert reclamation allowed?
I’ve only had one Christmas which I lovingly crafted presents for my immediate family. I am still yet to see a photo of my nephew in his three odd socks (which were freaking adorable!), but I have seen ones of the beanies.
I would assume that the first scarf I made Mum would go unloved. But no one would want it anyway. (Again sorry Mum!)
But I’m assured that my other brother adores his minion and it is a travelling companion.

I’ve started to ask before making my Gentleman Friend knitted treasures. He’s a frequent recipient of beanies and socks. Some which get worn and some which don’t. He’s pretty honest with me which is appreciated.

When your mother in law gives you a large bag full of cotton yarn to make dish cloths out of, how much obligation do you have to start popping them out? Is the obligation greater if you have not given her grandchildren?

I’m going to substitute mother in law for grandmother in law. I’ve only been given yarn from one person, and there was no obligation attached. I now have a lot more mohair than I know what to do with, but I don’t think I can make dish cloths from that (well not useful ones anyway).

On a slightly related note, everyone is getting dish cloths for christmas. I’ve decided.

Are shawls really fashionable these days, or is that a delusion I’ve fostered to deny that I dress like a Jane Austen reenacter?
I’m not a shawl wearing person, but I think they look pretty.
I’d like to wear shawls over my jeans again like I did in highschool. I always liked that look.

Does my knitting really make the whole couch vibrate?
I’d love to know! I do enjoy knitting on the couch. I have a lazy boy which is horrible to knit on.

What would you do with all the spare time you would have if you didn’t knit? Would you be thinner?
I may not be thinner, but I would be more well read.
Television is so much easier to consume whilst knitting.

Do you think sheep would find it creepy that I spend so much time petting yarn?
I used to visit my great-grandparents sheep farm when I was younger.
I liked the smell of the sheep shearing sheds. Maybe knitting takes me back to all those fond memories?

I think the sheep would like to know that they’re responsible for bringing so many beautiful things into the world.
If I were a sheep I’d be proud.

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