I heart bunting

Well after being in a funk last week I made it my mission this weekend to snap myself out of it.

I ignored all the cleaning I ‘should’ have done, kicked the Bloke out of the house (well he had other things to do anyway), and took myself to the Internet.

That inspired me enough to try some new things (paper embroidery), put some things on the ‘things to make when I have a shed’ list (metal stamping), and finished some projects that were hanging around unfinished.

I made these little heart shapes a while ago, and then didn’t quite know what to do with them.
So I made them into bunting!

It’s such a simple project which really brightened my day!



I also dyed my hair which always puts me in a good mood. Except that it hasn’t worked out exactly. But I’m still grateful that is light teal, and that I can have it this colour all the time.
And it reinforces that I look terrible as a blonde. And that I only have one facial expression when taking photos of myself.



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3 thoughts on “I heart bunting

  1. Cute! Sometimes quick, easy projects really get the feeling going.
    Nice job on the hair, too! I long for the days when I was able to dye my hair fun colors, but apparently it’s not considered “professional” in the medical field. Harumph.

    1. When I worked in customer service it was deemed ‘inappropriate’. Having blue hair is one of the pluses of not dealing with the public, along with not dealing with the public!

      I wouldn’t have thought having cool hair would diminish your abilities as a health care provider!

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