Always the best of intentions

Every time I go on a holiday or mini-break I have every intention of keeping to my posting schedule and every single time my blog goes right out of the window.

I’ve just spent 4 days (and 1 day at home recuperating) in the sunshine at the WACA, watching South Africa defeat Australia and become the number one test side in the world.
But while the result didn’t quite go our way, it was still a fantastic time.

I learnt that I can knit whilst standing up, and walking. I didn’t quite finish the socks as planned, but I only have the cuff to do.

It was 4 days of not-cooking, sitting outside in some beautiful weather (except the showers on day 1), sharing a few cold beverages with friends (plus meeting some new ones!) and not-working.






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2 thoughts on “Always the best of intentions

  1. Hi Bek, so nice to meet you and the boy at the test last week (albeit briefly). Would of been great to of had time to sit down for a beer or two, maybe next time. Love reading your posts. If we don’t get a chance to meet up before xmas, hope you guys have a great happy and relaxing break (if you guys get one?!?!) Loren and I would love to have you guys round for a barbie one day 🙂

    All the best!!

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