Christmas spirits with hats!

Someone very kindly sent this my way this morning.


I am a little bit of a grinch when it comes to Christmas. I prefer to celebrate Boxing Day test match day.

But I did get into the Christmas spirit and decorated my wine rack.
(It would be better if I decorated the spirits rack but there was a gin incident last week and it’s all looking a bit depleted.)

So these little hats are the perfect way to use up those mini-skeins I always seem to have lying around.
It was also a great way to relearn double-pointed needles.
These hats are made before I’m sick of needles hitting me in the chest and am ready to throw the project across the room.

I also used it as an opportunity to learn how to cable without a cable needle. I still need loads of practice with that though.
I think my problem is I’m pulling it all too tight. I think I need to loosen up until the last stitch.

Also! Two finger pompoms! These are pompoms I can actually make.

So all in all a lot of learning went on.

And if I need to give anyone a last minute pressie, these are just the things to make it a little more special.




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