A scarf in the middle of summer

I cast on this scarf over the weekend.
Now it’s forecast to be 40 degrees on Christmas Day, and I’m casting on a thick winter scarf??


I put it down to the cold which I’ve somehow managed to catch.
Having a cold in winter seems normal, you get to rug up, drink lots of tea, and you always know if you have a temperature.
At the moment I’m not sure if I have a temperature or am reacting to the temperature outside!

So I curled up with the aircon on, made some stewed nectarines, and cast on a scarf.

Although its very slow going, so maybe at the rate it will be done by next winter!




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4 thoughts on “A scarf in the middle of summer

  1. Awe, hope you’re feeling well before you finish that scarf ❤ … Hey, just pretend you’re sitting ‘n knitting here with me… in the middle of our Canadian-prairies winter… currently -21C, but feels like -30C with the windchill-l-l-l !!!

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