FO #9 little granny squares

I think I managed to keep my foray into crochet a blogging secret! But there were a few attempts before I felt I could make a blanket.


See? Terrible.

It wasn’t until it clicked that I needed to crochet in the gaps (rather than in the stitches like knitting) that I made a bit of progress.

Having a go at crocheting a block don’t work so well either.


But really I can make block fabric with knitting. What I really wanted to do was granny squares.

So after a bit of practicing is finally clicked.

I spent a lot of the night balancing my needlecraft book on my lap, swearing and cursing.
But I cracked it.
Well I’ve cracked one pattern. The pattern for these squares is the same as my big one.


They’re so pretty. I can see more crochet in my future!
(I never thought I’d say that!)



5 thoughts on “FO #9 little granny squares

  1. I keep thinking I should get back into crochet and do a granny square blanket- it’d be such a portable project! Your squares look lovely. Can’t wait to see another blankie.

  2. They are beautiful!!! You give me hope that maybe all my mistakes will eventually turn into something that isn’t a mistake. lol So far I would have to use my attempts to make a crazy afghan like they make crazy quilts, all a bit off square more or less. Wow!!! Hadn’t thought of that before, so will try and make squares and if not do just that. “Crazy” afghans with fancy embroidery stitches to pull it all together? It might work.

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