FO #9 little granny squares

I think I managed to keep my foray into crochet a blogging secret! But there were a few attempts before I felt I could make a blanket.


See? Terrible.

It wasn’t until it clicked that I needed to crochet in the gaps (rather than in the stitches like knitting) that I made a bit of progress.

Having a go at crocheting a block don’t work so well either.


But really I can make block fabric with knitting. What I really wanted to do was granny squares.

So after a bit of practicing is finally clicked.

I spent a lot of the night balancing my needlecraft book on my lap, swearing and cursing.
But I cracked it.
Well I’ve cracked one pattern. The pattern for these squares is the same as my big one.


They’re so pretty. I can see more crochet in my future!
(I never thought I’d say that!)