14 in 2014

Last year I did 13 things. Well I did a lot more than 13 things, but I set out to do 13 specific things.

This year I’m doing 14. I don’t know what I’m going to do when we get to 2025 but I’ll cross that bridge when/if I get to it.

Andi and Jesse have already posted their lists, so it’s time to get my butt into gear and write out my own.

So without any further ado, this is my list of things to do in 2014.
1) Knit 7 pairs of socks
2) Read 20 books
3) Try 3 new crafts
4) Make an artwork for our house
5) Keep making cushions (Related: Find people who want cushions)
6) Sew (and wear) a garment
7) Write a guest post for Marielle’s Spread the Love feature
8) Crochet a granny square blanket
9) Make jam
10) Dye a yarn collection
11) Send snail-mail to friends
12) Spin 100g of yarn
13) Learn 3 new embroidery stitches
14) Actually finish a Knit-A-Long

So these are my goals / tasks / things to do but if I don’t then I’ve probably found something more interesting to do.

May 2014 be my craftiest year yet!



FO #9 little granny squares

I think I managed to keep my foray into crochet a blogging secret! But there were a few attempts before I felt I could make a blanket.


See? Terrible.

It wasn’t until it clicked that I needed to crochet in the gaps (rather than in the stitches like knitting) that I made a bit of progress.

Having a go at crocheting a block don’t work so well either.


But really I can make block fabric with knitting. What I really wanted to do was granny squares.

So after a bit of practicing is finally clicked.

I spent a lot of the night balancing my needlecraft book on my lap, swearing and cursing.
But I cracked it.
Well I’ve cracked one pattern. The pattern for these squares is the same as my big one.


They’re so pretty. I can see more crochet in my future!
(I never thought I’d say that!)


FO 8 – Granny Square

So this ticks off number 13 in my 13 in 2013 challenge – crochet a granny square.

If I’m honest, this wasn’t exactly the outcome I expected.
Actually I’m surprised I kept this quiet for so long.

This is my granny square.


For reference, that’s our queen size bed that its resting on!

So I can add ‘can do the triple crochet stitch’ to my list of skills.

There were a few smaller granny squares that I did before starting a giant blanket sized one, I may share them at some point.
But for now I’m just going to sit back and feel impressed with myself.

Seriously I made this!
This is by far the biggest item I have made.
I feel accomplished.