#4KCBWDAY7 – Looking Forward

So where do I want to be in a year?

I want to have completed my 13 in 2013 project.
I want to learn more crochet and how crochet instructions work.
I want to have finished a jumper or cardigan.
I want to get better at cables.
I want to finally figure out what this pattern is!


I find about things I don’t know how to do mostly when I browse new patterns and it uses a new technique.

So I’ll be interested to see what I’ve learnt in a year and what I’ve made. I’ve already learnt so much about knitting, enough to know I’ve only scraped the surface.

I would like to say that this week has been really awesome.
Thank you Eskimimi Makes for organising it!

It you haven’t already I highly recommend looking up any of the tags for the blog week #4KCBWDAY7 or DayX
I’ve really enjoyed reading and discovering new blogs and meeting all the new visitors to my little corner of the Internet.

I’ve had a blast!!



20 thoughts on “#4KCBWDAY7 – Looking Forward

  1. I love cables !
    That pattern on the picture is interesting, I wonder if I might have something a bit similar in a very old german knitting pattern book. Will let you know if I find it.
    Will be very interesting to keep reading you, and I’m already looking forward to next week !

    1. If anyone knows what pattern that is I would love to know!!!

      I snapped that picture in a shop and have been confounded ever since.

      I’ve only just started cables but love the look of them so am looking forward to more cable work in the immediate future.

  2. Good luck with your goals!

    The pattern looks very much like a butterfly drop motif, as described in Mary Thomas’s Book Of Knitting Patterns. You are welcome to PM me through Ravelry 🙂

      1. Your very welcome!

        I love your description of feeling warm and fuzzy after blog week…it’s wonderful discovering new blogs and the people behind them 😀

  3. I think I have done this pattern a long time ago and it isn’t difficult. But of course, I have no idea in what that I tried it. I will try to find it for you if someone else hasn’t already.

  4. It looks like you carry a stitch instead of knitting it for a couple of rows and then knit it which then gathers the yarn that has been carried over that unknit stitch, then you carry the same stitch for the same number of rows without knitting it and then knit it which again gathers the yarn carried over that unknit stitch. That wouldn’t be difficult, but gives a great cable type look.

    All your projects begun and in progress gave me the courage to begin one more, lol, a lace afghan that is knit in panels. I have been doing simple things or trying to design simple patterns so this is a challenge making my brain work a bit. lol

    Your crochet attempts has me keeping at it as I have been knitting, taking out a row or a few knitting again, taking…………….. to get it right. You reminded me that making mistakes is part of the learning process. What a relief! Then I noticed the graph with the different stitches shown in each pattern row and “wow! Isn’t that helpful?!” Until then I was totally ignoring them. This is a project for me, I don’t make many, to quietly relax with instead of reading the evening away. If it turns out and is pretty I will make more for my family.

    You are an inspiration because you just put it all out there. I try to live that way to show people that thinking out of the box is a good thing, but fall short in that part of the lifestyle of an artist. Easy to like the work. Not easy to put it out there and make oneself vulnerable. Good work!!!

  5. I should have added crochet to my list as well. I did some of my first crochet every on my wedding shawl. It would have been nice to have been better prepared and/or less petrified.

  6. One thing that has helped me expand my stitching knowledge is pattern testing. I’m a regular tester for a crochet designer and it’s such a wonderful experience. There are opportunities offered up on Facebook pages all the time (if anyone is wondering where to start). You get to keep the pattern and if you sell your work, voila! More inventory. Looking forward to seeing what’s on the needles next 🙂

      1. There is. I just read a really good blog series about pattern writing by asweatyknitter (?) which mentioned the importance of pattern testers.

      2. They do, but I don’t see it as often. For some reason, I’m more connected with the crocheting world than knitting. I’m not sure how to find the knitters out there!

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