#KCBWDAY7 – Looking Forward Looking Back

This week I’m participating in Knitting and Crochet blog week hosted by Eskimimi makes. Every day there’s a different topic to prompt creative and inventive ways to enjoy writing fresh content for Knitting And Crochet Blogs.
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Todays topic – Looking forward to next blog week, and looking back from this time last year.

Last year there were a few things I wanted to do.
I want to have completed my 13 in 2013 project. – Tick-ish
I want to learn more crochet and how crochet instructions work. – Urgh kinda
I want to have finished a jumper or cardigan. – Big Tick!
I want to get better at cables. – Big Tick!
I want to finally figure out what this pattern is! – Almost
I made a cabled jumper which I am massively proud of. I’ve started a crochet blanket, but still have trouble with crochet instructions. I completely forgot about finding that pattern. I found a few variations though which I had fun playing with. And my 13 in 2013 was successful enough for me to want to repeat it again this year.

So where do I want to be by the time the next blog week comes along?
– I want to be selling stitch markers.
– I want to have a photo of every knitted item I make. Bonus points if I put it on ravelry.
& I want to have tackled something with colour work in it. Even if it fails massively its something I really should try again.

I would like to say that this week has been really awesome. Thank you Eskimimi Makes for once again organising a brilliant event.
It you haven’t already I highly recommend looking up any of the tags for the blog week #5KCBWDAY7 or DayX and making some new blog friends.
See you again next year!



2 thoughts on “#KCBWDAY7 – Looking Forward Looking Back

  1. I’ve really been enjoying my latest dive into color work, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Not as hard as I thought. Although all I’m doing is mittens.

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