…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead + Sincerely, Grizzly

I promised knitnrun4sanity that this Wednesday I would post some photos about my CD wall. But I’m going to delay this promise for a week because I went to a gig on Saturday night.

…And you will know us by the trail of dead (or Trail of Dead for short) is a band which my partner introduced me too. They’ve been to Perth before and they’ve been song of the week before, and one of their songs is in my top 20 most listened to songs. (that was in 2010 and it hasn’t changed too much.)
I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m a fan of this band.
It’s one of the bands which my Bloke and I double up on (as in he and I both have a copy of the same CD). So I was a little shocked when he called to say that he was staying up north on his fishing trip rather than see this band.
Best Friend to the rescue!!

Having never heard this band before (I’ve obviously failed as a friend by not previously lending her any of the 4 albums we own), I’m pleased to report she had an awesome time.
She was the one who convinced me to get a photo with the lead singer after the gig. Unfortunately I only remembered last night (way too late) that my camera has a flash which you have to pop up for it to work. So two of them were just darkness. But the third I was able to save with the magic of photo editing and over exposure.

We were impressed with the support art Sincerely, Grizzly so we both bought their EP. The band were at the merch stand so we chatted to them for a while. The lead singer was a massive Doctor Who fan which was very cool.
The only pic I have of that is Midnite Moose looking mid “woo!”, which is for her eyes only.

Sincerely, Grizzly were definitely influenced by Trail of Dead, which made them a pretty good support act. I would definitely see them if they came to Perth again.

Trail of Dead played Source Tags & Codes in full before skipping their scheduled break and playing a set from the other albums.
Overall it was an awesome show. I got home with my ears ringing, and a grin from ear to ear. That’s always a sign of a great gig, and a great night out.









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