A weekend with Austen

Apart from hanging out with football players or singing loudly to Cold War Kids the highlight of the weekend was book shopping.


I’ve already read Mr Darcy’s guide to Courtship and giggled so loudly HeWhoFishes retreated into his ‘shed’.

“If a female appears to show interest in you, examine her carefully. Beneath the angelic exterior may lurk a charlatan, a prostitute or – worst of all – an advocate of liberal politics”

I pretty much snorted my tea at that line.


I also found my copy of the Jane Austen handbook.
It details the proper life skills of regency England and gives a lot of background which would have been assumed at the time.


I then re-read Persuasion. Because I love it so much my first copy is looking a little worn. So I bought another copy.


So there’s two more books added to the read list for this year.

I also bought a Pride and Prejudice picture book for my niece. Because you’re never too young to start reading Austen. Even if she can’t read yet. She not yet 1. But she will read Austen if mad aunt Bek gets her way.




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