my blog is a toddler

this little blog’o’mine turned 3 last week!!!

I know right!
I can hardly believe that I’ve managed to talk about myself for that long. But you know what, if I’ve learnt anything from my month off, it’s that blogging is really important to me and helps keep me a semi-productive member of society.

If it wasn’t for this blog I probably would never have learnt how to knit, dabbled with coding, photography and design, figured out who I am as a writer (a mediocre one), and most importantly I wouldn’t have made so many awesome friends.

I probably would never have got around to watching Buffy or Angel but Keri!) gave me the slightest of nudges and and my life is infinitely better because I did.

There are so many amazing people on the internet that I just wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for this blog and for that I am very grateful. I count every one who takes the time to comment on my blog a friend (except when they’re clearly not an actual person and are convincing me I need SEO to be a better person).

And so I am going to say thank you the only way I (currently) know how.
With a cushion.
And what makes a cushion more than just extra padding for couches? Pop culture references.

So please leave a comment with a quote or phrase that you would like embroidered on a cushion.
I’ll choose one at random, and then at some point (I’m deliberately giving myself an open timeframe, and because you’re a friend you’ll understand) I’ll make it and send it to you.
It will require some assembly (ie the cushion filling part) at your end – actual cushions are freakin expensive to post so you will receive a cushion cover.

There are no rules, just get quoting.
Write it down, send me a pintrest / tumblr / picture link, a youtube link if it’s a song lyric – anything goes.
(“I said no rules not anything goes!”)

I’ll choose a comment at random next Tuesday November 5th or when I remember.

And whilst Jack Davenport is not my boyfriend, the below video explains why I’m not allowed any more cushions for myself.

And here’s a cushion I wanted to keep but was sent off to a new and loving home last week.



Clareio – I will be emailing you shortly about your cushion.

Everyone else – please continue to leave quotes. The world can always use more people quoting.



6 thoughts on “my blog is a toddler

  1. Three years is an amazing achievement. I can’t believe you haven’t been knitting for long – you always seem so expert (makes sense?) at it. Happy birthday and congratulations.:)

  2. Oh wow. I didn’t realise how much i needed a cushion with the lyrics from our first dance on it!!!

    Now I have major wanties for a cushion with ‘you’re the touchstone, my complete, you’re the ship that kept me afloat’ on it…

    (may have to make this a post-wedding project!

  3. Woo hoo! I had my blogiversary sometime this month. I had Big Plans that amounted to nothing. Oh well. Congrats on three years! Soon you’ll stop pooping yourself.

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