For my mum

My mum is a pretty kickarse lady. (Who would never in a million years call herself kickarse but I’m telling this story the way I remember it)

She left the country before finishing highschool, but once I was born studied at night school to become a teachers assistant and then when she didn’t really want to do that anymore she retrained again in business studies.

She’s a crafty lady who used to sew me swimsuits. Including one pink + frilly number which I believe I hated at the time [i hated pink – go figure!] but looking back must have been bloody difficult and time consuming to make!

I still have dolls she made and pottery she painted, and pottery we made together. And she did teach me to knit although it never quite stuck.

There’s only one way to repay a crafty lady and that’s with crafty love.


I found some flowers on the Internet, and used the Rhonna iPad app to trace the letters.

I used nail polish to gussy up the frame. And glued a backing to the fabric because I can guarantee that my Nanna, who is a far superior embroiderer than I, will check the back which was not done to her standards.




I love my mum.



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