Where there’s tea there’s hope

A cup of tea can solve pretty much anything.

A cup of tea in a pretty cup even more so.

With my aching old lady bones getting me down, my first shipment from Monstrositea came at the perfect time.

Each month Monstrositea takes you on a tea adventure with a tin of 5 different teas.


I’ve tried three of the five so far and have enjoyed all of them. I’ve never given white tea much of a chance, but I’ve nearly finished the packet already and am craving more.



All the teas have been carefully chosen, packaged with care, and come with delightful tasting notes.

I probably have 20 different types of tea in my cupboard right now and they’re either herbal or black varieties. There wasn’t a herbal or black tea in the tin so it really was a tea adventure.

I even made ice tea with some fresh mint from the garden. (Yes it’s in a beer glass – yes I still can’t resist the stained glass windows.)



I can’t wait to see what we get next month!

(If you’re in Aus and wish to sign up for the monthly box today is your last day for next month so hop to it!!)



10 thoughts on “Where there’s tea there’s hope

  1. I get a white tea here at our local tea shop that is organic white with blueberry. The blueberry is quite light, the white tea delicious. Paired with a lemon dessert, well, it’s irresistible.

      1. Here’s the tea I am speaking of, from our local shop.

        It’s really light on the blueberry. Not at all sweet seeming even. Certainly no apple flavor involved. I really don’t like that fake “blueberry” flavor at all, so finding this which hints at true blueberry flavor was quite a fun find.

        (Of course, in typical fashion, it also means I don’t want to try other teas, just this one.)

  2. I’m sorry for letting my spring fever speak so freely and forgetting that your weather is more fierce than ours 😦 Australia’s heat is definitely extreme and the news is always reporting on threatening forest fires… Hope you remain safe where you are! ❤

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