Beware of the tablecloths!!

My great-nan gave me a lovely tablecloth for my 21st. It’s a pretty crocheted number in an unfortunate shade of brown.
I’m not really a brown person, so I figured I’d dye it a pretty shade of mulberry.


Unfortunately somehow during the lifting, twisting, rinsing, and hanging out to dry process I damaged my old lady shoulder.
After two weeks of physio I’m still on light duties which means no housework! (Woo!)
But also no using a computer or crafting.

And! To make things worse the tablecloth didn’t take the dye so if I want it mulberry I need to do the whole thing again.

I did manage to dye some yarn in the colour I wanted so that’s something.


Wouldn’t that tablecloth look pretty in that colour??

So there’s been no crafting for a while.

But it was recently Australia Day which I spent in the company of good friends, good food, a misting jet, and fireworks from the deck. And past-Bek even did some of the dishes. Usually past-Bek isn’t quite so considerate.










7 thoughts on “Beware of the tablecloths!!

  1. That cheesy roll tomato-y thing looks so delicious it made my mouth water. Sad to hear that you hurt your shoulder 😦 the yarn you dyed looks gorgeous, what a lovely colour!

  2. That is a gorgeous tablecloth. And it would look aMAzing in that mulberry colour! You’re so brave, the way you dive into dying! Hope you’re able to get back to all things yarn really soon! πŸ™‚ ❀

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