Marmalade making

I had a go at making marmalade in my bread maker.

I found the concept a little strange to comprehend (isn’t a breadmaker for making bread?) until a friend explained it can get really hot, it can mix itself and it’s a nonstick pan.

So I set I cutting up oranges, added the required amount of sugar and jam-setta and a squirt of ginger for good measure. (Tubes of ginger are totally a thing in Australia if this is a weird concept to any readers.)

I then I pressed the jam button and let the bread maker to work it’s magic.

The end result was a little runny and chunky.

But totally edible. Which for a first jam making attempt is a success.

I would imagine any attempt using thermometers, crock pots and stirring would not gone so successfully.







7 thoughts on “Marmalade making

  1. So often, the fruit is at its peak at the height of summer, and you want to make the jam with the best fruit available, but standing over a steaming pot of boiling fruit is sheer misery on a hot day. But if the bread maker is doing the hard work, you just close the lid and walk away for a while.

    I’ve made the bread in the bread maker, the jam in the bread maker, and if I could just get it to make the peanut butter as well, I could say the bread maker had made the whole peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 🙂

  2. Yum, that looks good! I used to make jam with my mum, and it was generally hot and unpleasant so I’d like to give this way a go! ^____^

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