Things I’ve learnt recently 

Dont start to dye yarn when there’s a strong chance you’ll nod off and leave it on the stove. 


But do dye some more once you’ve finished your nap. 

Cats like photobombing yarn pictures. 

Cats snuggling while playing Mass Effect is the best way to spend a Saturday morning. 

(Jane Shepherd is amazing and I love her and want to be her!)


Although it’s difficult when they’re climbing all over you and being adorable.

Bright pink hair makes me happy. As do polkadot shirts and dark lippy. 


Happy days. 


4 thoughts on “Things I’ve learnt recently 

    1. Have you thought about hair chalk? The last two weeks between colours I used spray in hair chalk to add some colour and it worked a treat and washed right out.
      Maybe next time you’re not working a 24 hour shift!!

  1. Tough lesson on the yarn, but looks like you ended up bouncing right back and creating something beautiful! Well done.
    You can never go wrong with kitty snuggles.
    Pink hair and polka-dots…they look perfect on you. 🙂

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